Case Study: Learn how online learning center Turkishaholic reduced workload by 70% using MinervaKB

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In this case study, we investigate how you can use the MinervaKB WordPress knowledge base to create an online learning center.

Since we’ve started conducting interviews for case studies I’m constantly wondering why we didn’t do this before. It’s incredibly insightful for me as an owner and developer of a product to see how people use it.

Initially, I had no idea people would turn WordPress knowledge base into an online learning center platform. I needed a knowledge base for my own needs and I made one. And published it on the market.

After that (for almost 3 years already) the product development and roadmap was driven mostly by customer requests. You might call it Feature-Request Driven Development.

This approach has some drawbacks too, of course, as the product grows and becomes more complex for the new customers. That’s why we plan to regroup settings and add new setup wizards, so stay tuned.

But the benefits of this approach are far more important, as it allows us to add the most requested features quickly.

That’s how content restriction feature was added, for example, which allows users to create an online learning center in WordPress and provide premium content for registered users only. Not only that, it allows you to create an internal knowledge base, too, but that’s for another story.

Today we’re publishing an interview with Gökberk Talu, owner of Turkish online distance learning center Turkishaholic.

Hi Gökberk! Would you give me a quick overview of your online learning center?

Hello, my name is Gökberk Talu and I’m the owner of the Turkish distance-based learning website called “Turkishaholic”.

Turkishaholic landing page
Turkishaholic landing page

The primary aim of my website is to help people learn Turkish online via video courses, and various other free and premium materials found at the “Learning Portal” which is made with the Minerva KB.

There are “Turkish Grammar” explanations, “PDF Study Sheets”, “Short Video Lectures”, different types of “Exercises” and materials needed for every part of the learning experience.

Turkishaholic online learning center
Turkishaholic WordPress online learning center

Basically, it’s one of a kind online Turkish learning website.

Can you please describe your role?

I’m the founder and the owner of Turkishaholic. I’m also a professional Turkish and English teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience. Everything on the website was done by me.

How long has your company been in business?

My website is only a year old but Turkishaholic has been around for three years.

How many people are on your team? What are their roles?

Officially, I’m the only person in my company. Unofficially, a lot of my family members are included in the process of making my original content.

They help me with video and audio recordings, especially with my short lectures and longer video courses.

What tools or processes did you use before to organize and manage your online learning center?

I used to make individual pages for every new content I added to the website and it was really hard to organize everything to my customers. I spent too much time simply creating new pages and less time making original documentation.

What were the major pain points of your process prior to using our knowledge base?

Because I was spending too much time individually making WordPress pages, I would spend at least three hours every day just to create a single documentation page. Since I’m a one-person company, you can imagine how frustrating it got after some point.

Have you investigated alternative solutions or products and what limitations they had?

I’ve looked at various other WordPress Knowledge Base solutions, but either they weren’t suitable for e-learning and lacked features or they clashed with some of the important plugins I was using for my LMS.

They were also overwriting my themes features and sometimes crashing my website completely.

How does our knowledge base help your team to achieve its goals?

When I first started using MinervaKB, I didn’t know about many of its rich features. I read the documentation and started experimenting with some ideas that I had in mind for a long time.

Online learning center home page
WordPress online learning center home page

I’m using MinervaKB primarily for my “Learning Portal”. This section covers 70% of my site content.

Thanks to the Categorization system, Multi-product showcasing, Restrict Access, Dynamic Topics, and Ajax Search Function, it was basically a dream plugin for my LMS.

MinervaKB content reordering page
MinervaKB content reordering page

I didn’t have to spend countless hours making new pages and connecting them to the primary content, set restrictions, etc.

Once I did the base structuring of my Knowledge Base, everything was automatic. I just needed to enter new content and select the required parameters for the content (articles) and that was it. 

Can you measure any reduced costs or saved time after using our WordPress knowledge base?

My workload dropped by more than 70%.

My customers were able to find any content that they were looking for quickly and effectively. I didn’t have to look for another solution and probably saved a lot of money just because of that.

What knowledge base feature do you find most helpful?

There isn’t a feature of MinervaKB I don’t use. But the features I like the most is the Multi-Product KB, Restrict Access and the Ajax Search Function.

Content restriction screen with login prompt
Content restriction screen with login prompt

How using our knowledge base affected customer satisfaction?

The Dashboard, feedback and rating system of MinervaKB also allowed me to keep track of everything that was happening behind the scenes. I knew what my customers liked and didn’t like.

They could give me feedback so I could improve upon my mistakes and give them a better learning experience. I felt like a one-man army!

What is your advice to others who might be considering our knowledge base?

I’ve tried many other WordPress Knowledge Base plugins but none of them have such rich features as the MinervaKB.

They should definitely consider MinervaKB first before checking out other Knowledge Base plugins so that they save their time and money and enjoy the benefits of being a MinervaKB user.

Thank you, everyone, at KonstruktStudio for making such a great and feature rich WordPress Knowledge Base plugin. I owe my success to you!


Thanks a lot, Gökberk! We indeed learned a lot from this case study, I hope our readers enjoyed it as well. Also, the Turkishaholic learning home page looks beautiful.

Our customers are using content restriction feature for many cases. You can create a completely internal knowledge base for your employees or combine both internal and external documentation.

An online learning center is another great example of using a WordPress knowledge base system. Thanks to the available settings, you can either hide restricted content (internal use only) or show a preview on articles and ask users to register to continue reading.

Just a reminder – getting feedback from customers is what drives our product development and you can always send us your ideas via the contact form or in comments.

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