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How to update plugin

There are three ways to update plugin, tow automatic and one manual. Let’s start with manual updates.

Manual update

The manual update is very straightforward. Since all data is kept in the database, you can simply Deactivate and Delete plugin via WordPress¬†Plugins menu page and upload zip as new plugin. Here’s a quick video of the process:

Plugin Auto-Update

Since version 1.5.3 MinervaKB has built-in auto-updates. To activate them you need to enter your purchase code in MinervaKBSettingsRegistration / Updates.

After successful activation you will receive update notifications on Plugins page when new version is released, similar to plugins hosted on

Envato Market plugin

Since version 1.5.5 MinervaKB should also be compatible with Envato Market plugin, so if you use it update your Envato items, you may use it as well.