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General 8 questions
  • How do I update the plugin?

    As the plugin holds all the data in database, all you need to do is uninstall the old version and upload new via new plugin install.

    It is always advised to perform backup of your database before updating to new version for production sites. Backups management should be available in your hosting admin panel.

    To update plugin, go to WordPress DashboardPluginsInstalled Plugins, press Deactivate button on MinervaKB and then press Delete. Next, press Add NewUpload Plugin, upload new version and press Activate. Your plugin is up to date.

  • How do I reorder articles?

    To reorder articles, you first need to enable reordering in SettingsTopicsEnable articles custom order. Then, go to MinervaKBSorting admin menu. You will see a list of all topics and articles in the current order.

    Articles and topics reorder

    Here you can reorder articles within topics using drag n drop. Press Save Articles Order after you have finished. A similar approach works for Topics and FAQ questions.

  • What is Glossary?

    The glossary feature allows you to define terms, such as HTML or Knowledge Base, and descriptions for them. All the terms are then highlighted in KB articles and user can quickly view the term description via tooltip.

    Glossary tooltip in article
    Glossary tooltip in article

    You can also display all glossary terms alphabetically on a separate page using the shortcode.

  • Can I use shortcodes to build KB pages?

    Absolutely. All the sections are available as shortcodes. You might want to check our shortcode builder.

  • Can you add a feature if I pay extra?

    Not currently. We advise to hire a freelancer for that. However, if you need some extra filters or actions in plugin for custom development just let us know and we’ll do our best to add them quickly.

  • I use theme page/single template and things look strange

    This sometimes happens. Theme page template is controlled by theme, not plugin. We advise to use plugin template whenever possible, as it is the most straightforward way of using MinervaKB. If, however, you must use theme template and have troubles making it work, let us know and we’ll help you with any custom styling required.

  • How do I contact you directly?

    You can use contact form in our Envato profile. The message you send will come directly to our mailbox and will not be visible to anyone.

  • Do you have a knowledge base WordPress theme?

    Not currently, but it is planned and development will start really soon, probably within weeks (as of Jul 2017). We have many ideas and if you have feature requests for knowledge base theme, please let us know via Contact Form on our profile.

Purchasing 2 questions
  • How can I try it before buying?

    We do not offer money-back, as there is no such functionality on Envato marketplace. However, we developed a fully-functional on-demand testdrive for you to test the plugin features before purchasing. Check it, it is on our home page: MinervaKB TestDrive.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Yes, we do. We do our best to fix issues quickly, as this benefits all the customers, so the best option is to contact us first and ask for help. But if our plugin cannot be used for your site/theme and you don’t have time or don’t want to wait for us to fix it, you can open a refund request on Envato.

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