Minerva Knowledge Base version 1.3.2 released

New version of Minerva knowledge base has been released. Actually some features we planned for this release were not added, because we consider the fixes included in this release more important, therefore we wanted to deliver it as soon, as possible.

Let’s go over the list of changes:

  1. Dramatically improved performance (up to 20x reduced loading time on some pages)
  2. Ability to reorder articles inside topic using drag n drop
  3. Feature to add and display related articles
  4. Related content links in article shortcode
  5. Fixed: articles and topics giving 404 on fresh installs due to WP cached rewrite rules
  6. Fixed: article archive intercepting custom post type archives in some cases
  7. Extended support down to php 5.3

Performance improved

First of all, we’d like to thank @kimekim for noticing the issue with kb page performance. It is strange we did not notice the problem before, somehow speed test on our demos showed mixed results. Anyway, after investigating and profiling the plugin extensively, we’ve managed to find  bottlenecks and remove them. Now knowledge base pages load much faster, should be very visible (and useful for SEO too).

Articles custom order

Next, since we’re adding some content to our own knowledge base, we’re starting to find more ways to improve it. Among the needed features we’ve noticed was ability to reorder kb articles. So we added it to this release. To enable it, go to SettingsTopic and switch “Enable articles custom order

Articles drag n drop reorder switch
Articles drag n drop reorder switch
Next, go to Knowledge baseTopics and click on number of articles link in topic you want to reorder.
KB topic reorder link
KB topic reorder link

You’ll be redirected to a list of articles for this topic. Now you simply can reorder them using drag n drop.

KB article drag n drop ordering
KB article drag n drop ordering

Related knowledge base content

Finally, one more feature I’d like to mention is related content. First, the related content shortcode. Now you can add links inside text to another articles, that are related to the topic you’re covering. Should be very useful for internal linking. Looks something like this (view is customisable):

Related KB content shortcode
Related KB content shortcode

Second, we’ve added possibility to add related articles list at the bottom of each article. You can add any number of articles and reorder them using drag n drop.

That’s all for this release. Next release will be dedicated to search analytics, because we need possibility to analyse keywords in order to implement more advanced search features.

Thanks for reading!

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