Top 4 WordPress Contact Form Plugins For Customer Support In 2019

Contact form for customer support

In this article, we’ll break down the best WordPress contact form plugins you can use for providing customer support directly on your WordPress site in 2019.

Contact forms are an excellent way for your (potential) customers to reach you, without exposing your email address, which would lead to unnecessary spam.

Contact Form for Customer Support

Staying in contact with clients is the foundation stone of excellent customer support, which is the backbone of healthy businesses, online or physical.

If your customers don’t have an easy way to reach you, your company will never win their trust. You will look like another predator, only looking to take their money and vanish.

While it doesn’t directly increase your profits, having excellent customer support is what makes or breaks businesses in the long run. It is one of those things that will decide if you will have longterm customers, clients, or subscribers.

Customer support
Customer support

Happy clients are not only returning to purchase more from you. They also can become free micro influencers, willing to recommend your company to their friends, colleagues, and family.

And having an accessible WordPress contact form is the first step that allows them to reach you.

WordPress wouldn’t be what it is if it didn’t have dozens of plugins for every purpose, and contact forms are no exception. But instead of focusing on listing as much as possible, we’ll pick the ones that work best for customer support.

Our article will have both free and paid options, which means there is something for every budget. Let’s begin!

1. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 plugin page
Contact Form 7 plugin page

No list of WordPress contact form plugins would be complete without Contact Form 7. This plugin is the most famous, and with over five million installs, you know it must be good.

Although extremely simple, it covers all the basics a smaller business needs. It lets you customize the forms, adding or removing fields, marking them as “required.”

Contact Form 7 editor
Contact Form 7 editor

To protect you from spam, it has a CAPTCHA and Akismet systems integrated, which will keep bots at bay.

This plugin lacks advanced features, as it is just a simple contact form solution. However, it is entirely free to use, with no premium options. This makes Contact Form 7 an automatic choice if all you need is to let your customers email you.

2. Gravity Forms

Gravity forms
Gravity forms

Unlike Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms has no free option, only premium ones. You will have to pay $59 and up for it, per year, depending on the plan you choose.

But, you do get a lot for the money paid. This is a full-featured contact form builder, which gives you maximal freedom to design everything just the way you like it. There are over 30 form fields to choose from. Using conditional logic, you can customize the whole customer experience hiding/showing fields based on user choices.

This makes Gravity Forms perfect for customer support purposes, as you can use it to guide users through a series of questions, learning more about them, which will give you more chance to solve their problem.

Gravity Forms submissions
Gravity Forms submissions

Combined with the fact that this plugin enables users to upload files (if you enable it), which will make it even easier for them to submit the needed documentation or pictures, further speeding up the problem-solving process.

And if the form is lengthy, or requires users to find a document, Gravity forms lets them save their unfinished forms.

Whenever a contact form is submitted, you will receive an email notification, and the user will get an auto-responder message, which will let them know that you are working on their issue. You can also schedule forms, or even limit the number of entries, which adds a lot of flexibility.

If you love analytics, you’ll love Gravity Forms. It gives you a bunch of stats to go through to further improve customer experience.

Gravity Forms builder
Gravity Forms builder

Gravity Forms has integrations with many popular services, including MailChimp, DropBox, FreshBooks, Zapier, and payment gateways PayPal and Stripe. It also has anti-spam services like reCaptcha, and Akismet, to keep the scammers and bots away.

As you can see, this contact form builder offers a lot, and we have just briefly scratched the surface, displaying only some key features.

From a customer support standpoint, it is ideal not only for receiving messages, but also for creating tickets, as the conditional logic will sort the customer questions, or even show them the answers right away if you link to your knowledge base.

It is expensive, but if you need an all-in-one solution for your growing business, it is probably worth the investment.

3. Caldera Forms


Caldera Forms is an excellent choice as it has a very powerful free plugin, that has some features you can usually find only in premium plugins. For example, the free version gives you conditional logic, file uploading, and multi-page forms.

But if that is not enough, you can purchase one of their premium plans ($14.99/mo and up), and further expand the feature list.

This plugin lets you customize fields to any of your needs. It provides a drag & drop editor, very intuitive, so no technical knowledge required to create functional forms.

You can also use Caldera to provide guest article submission. A site visitor can fill in the title and content on form and the plugin will create a draft for the preselected post type. It can be very useful if your clients are engaged and willing to contribute content themselves.

Free option has some cool features like email verification or “conditional fail,” which allows you to filter users with suspicious addresses or locations.

Marketing tip: add a “subscribe to mailing list” checkbox to your contact form. It can greatly help you to build your mailing list. Make sure you follow the privacy policy and GDPR, though, if you’re working with clients in the EU.

Because the free plan has conditional logic and file uploads, you can even use Caldera Forms to create a simple customer support ticket system.

Furthermore, Caldera lets you translate your forms into different languages – perfect for multilingual websites. Having your forms in a language user can understand is one of the best ways to gain their trust, which is what customer support is all about.

Caldera form example
Caldera form example

Depending on the Premium plan you choose, you can expand features of Caldera forms by adding the number of sites, PayPal and Stipe checkouts, sequence forms, message stats, message layouts, and different types of add-ons.

You can also purchase add-on packs separately, no matter which premium plan you choose. So there’s more than one way to unlock all of the features this powerful plugin has.

It will cost you quite a bit though, so make sure you try the free option first and see how Caldera Forms works for your site before purchasing anything.

4. Formidable Forms


Our final nominee, Formidable Forms also has both free and premium options, making it suitable for all types of users. What makes this plugin unique is focus more on advanced forms, surveys, quizzes, registration forms, but also payments, purchases, and email marketing.

This plugin is extremely flexible and easy to use. It also provides a drag & drop interface and gives you complete freedom to design your forms however you feel like it. No matter how sophisticated your design is, it will work flawlessly and fast, without putting an unnecessary strain on the server. All designs are responsive and look perfect on any screen size.

Formidable also has terrific display views, that let you choose how you want the submitted data to show results. Everything is easily searchable and works perfectly for displaying employment listings, events, calendars, on any page of your site. While not directly related to customer support, this feature really makes Formidable stand out from the competition.

Formidable forms editor
Formidable forms editor

You can choose to create your contact forms from a pre-built template, or from scratch. There are dozens of fields to choose from, and you can set up conditional logic to show and hide them as necessary.

Formidable Forms also has a built-in survey feature, that lets you create surveys and read the reports all within the plugin. You can also use it to create registrations for events and collect payments as it supports PayPal, Stripe, and

It integrates with many popular services such as MailChimp, SalesForce, HubSpot. That’s great, as those are probably already a part of your digital marketing system. It also has extensive integrations with WooCommerce directly improving your digital store sales.

Formidable forms provides different report graphs
Formidable forms provides different report graphs

If you want your customer support service to be more than just messaging and are interested in surveys and quizzes, Formidable Forms is a great WordPress contact form plugin to choose.

The free option is decent, but if you want to unlock more advanced features such as display views, you will have to pay. Premium plans start from $49 per year.


Contact forms are essential for any website, and without them, you will simply look unprofessional. People need to know that there is an accessible way to reach you if you want to build your brand reputation and trust.

The four WordPress contact form plugins we have presented in this article are all different and offer something unique that separates them from the competition. Only you can decide which one works best for your case. Start small (and free if possible), and test things out before committing.

But of course, customer support is not only about getting in touch with your clients. That works, but it is a much better idea to show them how to solve a problem before they even try to reach you. That will save both your and their time.

You can add an FAQ page to your site so that your customers can find answers to the popular questions quickly.

A knowledge base is a next step after the FAQ. It is a perfect solution to give your customers the answers they need. Our WordPress Knowledge Base solution can be a great match if you use a WordPress site and need to provide customer support to your clients.

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