Version 1.3 released

Hello everyone!
We’re proud to announce the release of Minerva Knowledge Base for WordPress version 1.3. Let’s go over the most important changes in-brief.

First, now you can add search on article and topic pages. To do it, just enable the search for articles/topics in settings:

Knowledge base article search
Knowledge base article search

Another improvement: search shortcode now supports many parameters.

Here’s a full list:

  • title – Search title
  • title_color – Search title color
  • title_size – Search title font size
  • theme – Search theme
  • border_color – Search border color
  • min_width – Search input minimum width
  • top_padding – Search container top padding
  • bottom_padding – Search container bottom padding
  • placeholder – Search input placeholder
  • tip_color – Search tip color
  • add_pattern – Enables pattern overlay, 1 or 0
  • pattern – Pattern overlay image URL
  • add_gradient – Enables gradient overlay, 1 or 0
  • gradient_from – Gradient start color
  • gradient_to – Gradient end color
  • gradient_opacity – Gradient overlay opacity
  • icons_left – Show search icons on the left, 1 or 0
  • show_search_icon – Show or hide search icon, 1 or 0
  • search_icon – Search icon class, any Font Awesome icon class, for ex. fa-search
  • clear_icon – Clear icon class, any Font Awesome icon class
  • clear_icon_tooltip – Clear icon tooltip text
  • tip – Search tip text (under the search input)
  • no_focus – Disable autofocus on search, 1 or 0
  • bg – Search container background color
  • image_bg – Search container background image URL
  • show_topic – Show or hide topic in search results, 1 or 0
  • topic_label – Topic label text
  • topic_bg – Topic background color
  • topic_color – Topic text color

In addition to shortcodes, you can now place search anywhere in theme, using the same above parameters. Here’s an example:

        "placeholder" => "Your placeholder"

Here is a complete version 1.3 changelog:

  • Added search in articles
  • Added search in topics
  • Added possibility to use images instead of icons for topics
  • Configuration settings added for all visible text so you can easily localize Knowledge base without WPML or other plugins
  • Option to remove like / dislike icon
  • Added separate defaults for search shortcode
  • Fixed bug with duplicate slashes before quotes
  • Added option to show/hide topic in search results
  • Added option to show/hide “Show all” link
  • Search shortcode now supports all the options you have in page builder
  • Added public API for search and topics with all the options available, insert anywhere in theme
  • Article and topic templates are rendered via actions, so it is possible now, for example, to put your content before rating or after reading estimate
  • Added option to disable search autofocus
  • Added featured images support to articles
  • Many other small settings and improvements

In the next release we plan to add features for separation of topics into different Knowledge Bases and adding more control over search. This will allow you to use multiple Knowledge Base areas on one site – a feature requested by many customers.

Stay tuned.

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