Feature Requests

WooCommerce integration for FAQ

Add the possibility to assign related FAQ Answers to WooCommerce products and display them via additional FAQ tab in product details.

121 votes
Add Likes/Dislikes to FAQ

Add rating buttons to FAQ answers, similar to KB Like/Dislike rating functionality.

146 votes
Add Dark Theme for client-side styles

Can be useful for sites with dark mode design.

37 votes
Dashboard Analytics CSV export

Add possibility to export statistics from the dashboard to an Excel file (.csv).

63 votes
Shortcode Manager

Add a section in MinervaKB admin menu, where site editors will be able to create any MinervaKB module (Topics, Search, FAQ, etc.) in a visual way (with a preview on a blank page) and then insert the generated shortcode in any page or in any page-builder section (Fusion, Divi, Beaver, etc.). The generated shortcode will be short (easy to copy/paste), for example [[mkb-block id=”125″]] and managed in single place.

95 votes
Improve AMP Support

Improved support for Accelerated Mobile Pages.

22 votes
Setup Wizard

Create a setup wizard on plugin activation, where site owner will be able to define the key preferences, select needed modules and operation mode in a few clicks and have a configured support system.

22 votes

Add Wiki module, where the content can be edited on the client-side by site visitors (guests or logged-in users).

113 votes
Dedicated Theme

Develop a WordPress theme for MinervaKB plugin, with full support for all modules & styles, as well as with custom layouts and placeholders for plugin modules.

79 votes
Add Feature Requests

Add the Feature Requests module (the one you see on this page) to MinervaKB.

105 votes
Divi Builder support

Add Divi builder blocks for the existing Minerva modules.

42 votes
Polylang support

Add support for Polylang – a multilingual WordPress plugin.

42 votes
Knowledge Base
Multiple Authors

Add possibility to define one or multiple co-authors for Knowledge Base articles.

21 votes
Primary Topic selection

Add possibility to define primary topic for article when articles has multiple topics. Also, use Yoast SEO selected primary category, when available.

22 votes
Code Highlight

Add possibility to insert highlighted code blocks in KB Articles without the use of additional plugins.

74 votes
Import / Export Articles from CSV

Allow to import or export KB Articles from CSV (Excel comma-separated list file) without the use of extra plugins.

68 votes
Featured image in Search

Add article featured image in live search results dropdown and in search results page.

52 votes
Keyword Search

Add possibility to define keywords in Knowledge Base articles, which can be used in live search. Keyword matches will have higher priority.

96 votes
Social Share Buttons

Add social network sharing buttons for Knowledge Base articles.

29 votes
Daily / Weekly Email Report

Develop a possibility to generate an email report and send to admin email periodically with a summary of Knowledge Base interactions, such as top searches, most liked / disliked articles, recent feedback, etc.

67 votes
New layouts for KB Topics

Add more layout/design presets for KB Topics module, in addition to List/Box.

114 votes
KB Widget for external sites

Develop a KB search widget to be used on external sites. Will use the main support site as a database and show/link to KB guides.

47 votes
Support Tickets
Ticket Creation in Admin

Add possibility to create tickets from the admin dashboard – either as a current user or on behalf of a customer.

45 votes
Ticket Automation

Add possibility to modify tickets and their properties in response to different events and conditions.

117 votes
KB Search on Create Ticket form

Add automatic Knowledge Base suggestions on the new support ticket form. The search terms can be picked from ticket title/content.

101 votes
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