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There are many ways to create a home page for your knowledge base articles and other support sections. This guide will cover these approaches one by one.

This guide assumes you already have some articles and topics. If you don’t have content yet but still want to start from home page setup you may import dummy data.

To add a page you can go to the WordPress admin menu / Pages / Add New. You can use new or any of the existing pages, there are no specific requirements. Also, if you want to make this page your website home page, you can do so in WordPress menu / Settings / Reading.

Available home page blocks

Currently, MinervaKB provides the following home page elements.

  • KB Live Search
  • KB Topics (List or Box layout)
  • KB Single Topic
  • FAQ

To see how a page looks with Search, KB Topic, and FAQ sections you may visit one of our demo pages.

There are also content elements, like the Tip, Info, or Related articles, but they are rarely used on the home page. You can use any of the methods described below to add them to your page.

Gutenberg blocks

As you probably already know, Gutenberg is a new visual block editor for WordPress.

While some people still prefer to use the Classic editor (especially for sites that have been online for a while and have lots of content) according to stats page, around 45% of users have already upgraded to version 5.0 or above (as of June 15, 2020).

MinervaKB also supports the new editor and provides all the knowledge base sections as blocks. When you’re adding a new block to a page, you should be able to see the MinervaKB category.

MinervaKB Gutenberg blocks category
MinervaKB Gutenberg blocks category

When the block is added to a page, you should be able to see all the available options on the right side of the page. The preview will update immediately when you change any of the options.

Gutenberg editor preview
Gutenberg editor preview
Please note, that some blocks have static preview content. Besides, the styles on the client-side may differ a little due to theme styles not loading in the WordPress admin pages.

Elementor blocks

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress page builders available today and the base version is free.

MinervaKB provides all KB sections available as Elementor blocks starting from version 1.6.7. The editing is completely visual and is the same as editing any page with Elementor.

Visual editing of knowledge base sections in Elementor page builder
Visual editing of knowledge base sections in Elementor page builder

Please note, that the free Elementor version is more than enough to work with Minerva modules, the pro version is not required.

Shortcode Builder

A Shortcode Builder is a Classic editor extension that we’ve developed to allow easier editing of MinervaKB shortcodes.

If you use the Classic editor you should be able to see the blue Minerva icon in the toolbar. When you click it, the shortcodes list will appear and you will be able to edit all module options via the settings panel.

Shortcode Builder button
Shortcode Builder button

If you prefer this approach, we have a detailed guide on Shortcode Builder.


If you prefer to use Classic editor it’s probably better to use the Shortcode Builder described above, as it’s hard to memorize all the available options and add them in text mode.

However, the shortcodes may still be useful in some specific cases (for example, if you want to render the KB section at someplace in the theme via PHP).

If you need to use shortcodes in text mode, please refer to the shortcodes topic for a list of available parameters.

Visual Composer elements

We also provide knowledge base blocks for the Visual Composer page builder. All knowledge base modules are available under MinervaKB category.

Knowledge base modules for Visual Composer
Knowledge base modules for Visual Composer

Legacy Methods

There are also two legacy methods to create a home page:

  • via the plugin options (sections Home page: Layout / Topics / Search / FAQ in plugin settings)
  • via the page options sections builder (MinervaKB Builder Page Settings at the bottom of the page edit screen)

Initially, these were the only ways to create a home page and because of this many people are still using them. That’s why they are still available.

However, these methods have the following important limitation: they only allow to add kb sections and a single content section.

So, for example, if you need to add some promotional or other text between Search and Topics – you cannot do this with these methods. That’s why we don’t recommend these options anymore, they are not flexible.

The KB page via plugin settings also has the following disadvantages:

  • It allows only 1 KB section of each type to be added
  • It’s not translated via WPML
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