Minerva Knowledge Base version 1.3.4 released

Another release is ready and this time it is mostly dedicated to knowledge base style and typography. Also, advanced breadcrumbs styling options were added and some minor bugs fixed.

Here’s a list of changes for this version:

  • Font selector added with 732 Google Fonts
  • Article text typography and color options
  • Widgets typography and color options
  • Headings typography and colors options
  • Advanced breadcrumbs style settings added – background color, paddings, bg image, pattern, gradient, etc
  • Added body classes for home pages, archives and article pages for custom styling
  • Article, topic and home page padding settings
  • Fixed bug with topics shortcode ignoring passed IDs
  • Fixed bug with icon select not highlighting new icon
  • Improved responsive styles for mobile and tablet
  • Search results now also include matches by tag
  • Inline CSS minified

Now in more details.

Knowledge base style and typography

This one was needed for quite some time. Now you can really tweak typography of your knowledge base content. First of all, we’ve added selector and loader for 732 Google Fonts.
KB typography settings
KB typography settings

Using this font loader you can setup virtually any appearance for your text, but what is also important, you can now use the theme font and do not load any additional resources.

Of course, you can set font sizes and line height as well.

KB typography
KB typography
Also, it is now possible to set colors for text, H1-H6 heading and links, sou can modify content colors to better match your theme.

Widget styles

As you could probably see on the demo already, we added some widget styles as well. Currently you can change font sizes for headings and content, colors and background of KB sidebars.
Here’s how it looks on the demo right now.
Knowledge base style for widgets
Knowledge base style for widgets


Another useful feature is advanced styling options for breadcrumbs. Now you can change font size, colors, adjust paddings, set background to color or image and even add gradient or pattern overlay to them.

Which means now you can make your breadcrumbs look something like this.

Breadcrumbs style example
Breadcrumbs style example

Of course you can choose a more subtle design, but at least now you can fully control how your breadcrumbs look.


These are the key changesĀ for this release. We excluded some of the planned features, because it was time to add some documentation.

Next release will be focused on content restrictions, sinceĀ this was requested by many customers already.

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