Minerva Knowledge Base version 1.3.1 released

MinervaKB Release Notes 1.3.1

Hi everyone. Today we officially release version 1.3.1 of Minerva knowledge base. Please note, that Envato Team review may take 2-3 days, but you can request new version by email, just contact us via our Envato Profile form.

OK, let’s go over the new features. First of all, the changelog for 1.3.1:

  • New feature: added articles feedback functionality
  • New feature: Google Analytics integration. Now you can track successful and failed searches, likes, dislikes and feedback directly to your Google Analytics account, using custom GA events. All event fields are configurable and have hassle-free, working out of the box defaults.
  • Added possibility to display tags in articles
  • Also, search now can be limited to selection of topics
  • Every topic now can be attributed to specific KB home page, allowing to separate KB into multiple logical sections (requested feature)
  • Added configuration to display messages on like / dislike action
  • Finally, we added some minor dashboard UI improvements

Now, in more detail.

Knowledge base zones.

First of all, the topic attribution to specific Home page. We were asked by many customers about adding a feature to have 2 or more knowledge bases on one site, so this was our top priority. And this feature helps to do just that. The workflow is as follows:

  1. Create content (articles and topics).
  2. Create 2 KB home pages, for each KB zone. On each page setup search to search only the topics from appropriate zone.
  3. Finally, for each topic that should belong to KB1 you need to set Home page (in topic edit screen) to first KB home page, and same for the second.
  4. That’s all, now your search will return result from appropriate knowledge base, and on topics and articles page the KB Home in breadcrumbs will link to own home page.

We’re looking forward to your feedback regarding this functionality, if more needs to be added, just let us know.


Speaking about feedback. Another important feature is now you can allow users to add feedback to your articles. While likes and dislikes help to understand where you’re lacking, having feedback helps to understand exactly what’s wrong.

Actually, we think this is probably one of the most important features for the knowledge base, and it should be really helpful in improving your content. Feedback can be set to display on like, on dislike, on any rating or be always present.

Knowledge base article feedback settings
Knowledge base article feedback settings

As a result the feedback form should appear in your articles, looking something like this (depending on your settings):

Knowledge base feedback form
Knowledge base feedback form

The feedback your customer send will appear on articles edit pages. Note, that users cannot send HTML, all tags will be removed for security reasons.

Google Analytics

Finally, now you can track your knowledge base interactions directly into your Google Analytics account, using all the power of everyone’s favourite data analysis tool. You can setup Events for search with results, search without results, articles likes, dislikes and feedback. All data fields are configurable, but should also work out of the box, just turn the on switch. Please note, that we do not add tracking code to your site, this is usually done in theme or via other plugins.

Knowledge Base Google Analytics integration
Knowledge Base Google Analytics integration

That’s the key changes in this release. In conclusion, if you have your ideas, just email us or add a comment. Also, if you like our product, please consider leaving a rating on Envato product page, this really helps us. 🙂

Next we’ll continue to implement features from our roadmap and start to publish MinervaKB documentation little by little.

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